Licensed Centres

Licensed Centres

In order to be a licensed Playcentre, and run funded sessions a Playcentre must:

Once a centre is licensed, and able to meet the Regulations and Criteria on an ongoing basis, they also need to meet the funding conditions outlined in the Funding Handbook to be eligible for funding:

Overarching Requirements

  • A Playcentre must be affiliated to Te Whanau Tupu Ngatahi o Aotearoa Playcentre Aotearoa, Inc.
  • A Playcentre must be organised, equipped, and managed on a cooperative basis
  • Programmes must be at least partly provided by parents of the children attending the session
  • Each session must have no more than 30 children in attendance (the exact number for your centre will be shown on your licence).
  • Each session must meet the people requirements of:
    • Ratio of at least 1 adult to 5 children.
    • Parent or caregiver of children under 2.5years must stay
    • People to meet one of the Options for qualifications
    • First Aider

Playcentre Aotearoa also requires a minimum of 2 adults whenever there is a child that you are not bringing to the centre.