How to stay connected

Keeping in touch with your Playcentre community will help in dealing with potential stress and isolation during this difficult time.

Consider how to stay in touch with your members during the time the centre is closed.

This may be via:

  • a Facebook page or other social media
  • a group email
  • a virtual playdate
  • sharing videos of your centre members singing a karakia before morning tea
  • skype/zoom catch up
  • a phone tree to check in with each other every so often
  • a scavenger hunt in your garden where you share photos with your Playcentre village
  • a virtual dance party with your fellow centre members
  • share images of your baking photos
  • create a centre daily challenge – eg. how tall a tower can you build using 5 blocks? Find all the teddies in your house. Can they fit on your couch? Take a photo and share with us! 
  • host a Zoom waiata session