Benefit #2- Connection with others

“At first, I didn’t want to come. I thought it was a lot of workshops but the way it was delivered, the way I felt I mattered and was included, I felt so valued. I had fun in interactive workshops with great conversations with all the other trainees from all different centres near and far…. priceless”

Connection with others

Fostering relationships is at the heart of Playcentre and the education workshops create a safe space to share ideas and find support. Building connections through interesting discussions gives you a unique opportunity to learn from each other and creates lasting friendships through attending workshops together.

Valuing difference

Bringing together people from different cultures and backgrounds, Playcentre education respects and encourages diverse ways of thinking and being. Going to other centres provides the opportunity to listen to other perspectives and share knowledge to support you as a parent and kaiako (educator). Fostering a sense of belonging you have the opportunity to share stories, learn new knowledge and feel part of bigger community.

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What others are saying

“[Playcentre] delivered an intensive, fast paced, fun, relevant and interesting day and I went home immediately able to see new things about how the adults and child at our house interact, play and learn”.