What is Playcentre? 2

Our village becomes your village at Playcentre: fun and friendship for you and your children in endless experiences that last a lifetime.

Do you want to see and be part of how your child learns, and develops through play?

Playcentre is your village.  See children delight in their surroundings- play with them, alongside them, encourage them to interact with others while you meet other parents and educators.

Parents are the first educators of children, and Playcentres around New Zealand foster the involvement of whānau through early childhood education.

As a family, and as a community, you’ll build your own village with Playcentre: making life-long friends along the way.

Playcentre caters to families with children aged 0-6 years.

A focus on child-led learning means that each day Playcentres offer a variety of learning and play experiences such as building, baking, painting, dressing up, singing and sand and water play.

Each Playcentre around New Zealand is cooperatively managed by parents and supported by Playcentre Aotearoa staff at a regional and national level.

Every Playcentre offers three free visits, so come along for a visit and see what we’re all about! We would love to meet you and your whānau.

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What others are saying

I played and learnt alongside my kids till they went to school. The friendships we made as a family is priceless. Playcentre was our village. I didn’t just watch them grow, I grew with them.

- Julianna

The community of parents and the community of children, the learning opportunities for both, the fun, the friendships 💕

- Liz