Future Entrepreneur

Children act out experiences to make sense of the world around them.

When role-playing with others they can learn to negotiate, take turns, converse, follow rules and resolve conflict. Children learn about people as well as themselves.

They learn how to interact with others in society.

Role-playing helps children extend their vocabulary and learn reasoning. They also develop social relationships and social concepts, such as friendship.

Playcentre resources can include

A selection of dress-up clothes and accessories
Cash register
Plastic money
A telephone
Items for shopping
Table, chairs, kitchen utensils and furniture

Toy petrol stations
Doll’s bed, bedding and dolls
Medical play kit including stethoscope, crepe bandages, plastic syringes, doctors/nurses’ outfits and disposable face masks
Writing materials for children to use in their play, e.g. money for a shop.


Really great quality education for your little ones. And a supportive network for your whanau that is so much greater than you can anticipate at the beginning.

- Jesse

“It is a great way for you and your child to socialise and to learn through play and be a part of the community”.

- Nicola