Future Horticulturalist

Growing plants can be fascinating. Children are given the opportunity to watch and nurture plants as they grow.

Having hands-on experiences with natural resources encourages children to develop their own theories about how things work. Exploring the natural world helps them to appreciate the sounds, textures, tastes and smells from Papatūānuku (Mother Earth) and to understand their place in the environment.

They get to experience, planting seeds, watering them, watching them grow and harvesting. These experiences foster nurturing qualities and an awareness of the seasons. Through watching all of the living things in a given area interacting with each other they begin to understand the ecosystem and that they are guardians of the whenua (land).

Children develop a sense of respect, responsibility and curiosity for natural resources. They enjoy collecting interesting objects from nature and classifying them according to their unique qualities such as size, shape or colour.

Playcentre resources can include

A selection of natural materials like shells, bark, sponges, stones, leaves, flowers, plants, branches, logs, driftwood, moss, lichen, rocks, sticks, pine cones, seedlings, feathers and flax.
A vegetable or herb garden
An aquarium, pot plants, worm farm or compost bin

Magnifying glasses
Insect box
Magnifying bug jar
A selection of reference books that describe the forces around us – wind, rain, fire, energy, power and machines.
A selection of reference books that describe the stories of nature – animals, birds, fish and


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