Future Scientists

Children’s innate sense of wonder makes them natural scientists.

The future scientist will learn by doing, asking questions, interacting with others and figuring out how things work.

Children learn measuring, weighing and counting. They solve problems and develop an understanding of the nature and properties of substances.

They learn to observe, predict, experiment and work together while playing alongside others.

Playcentre resources can include

A large Sandpit in a sunny sheltered position
An adequate supply of clean sand
Ingredients and method to make foaming sand volcanos
Tools for scooping, tunnelling and digging include spades, scoops, shovels of varying sizes.

Containers for filling, measuring and carrying. For example, buckets, basins, pots, plastic containers, funnels, sieves, and colanders
Potions table for experimenting
Campfires in the sandpit


“It’s our village. Lifelong friendships and support for our whole family. Endless fun and learning opportunities for all of us”.

- Rachel

“It is a great way for you and your child to socialise and to learn through play and be a part of the community”.

- Nicola