Future Sculptor

Playing with clay allows children to explore and experiment with texture.

Children learn to mould and manipulate clay into shapes and forms, developing their sense of touch.

They prod, poke, pat, squeeze and push the clay into shapes and objects. Each time they move the clay, it evolves into something new. Children are naturally fascinated by this and keep experimenting. Through manipulating a piece of clay, children develop fine motor-skills and foster hand-eye coordination.

It also allows them to express their feelings and release tension through the soothing action.

Playcentre resources can include

A level and firm working surface
First class condition clay
A selection of natural accessories to make imprints and patterns in their creations such as leaves, twigs, seeds, pebbles, shells, rocks, bamboo.

A selection of wooden / wire tools for cutting and patterning the clay.
Clay cutters
An area to display the pottery


“It’s our village. Lifelong friendships and support for our whole family. Endless fun and learning opportunities for all of us”.

- Rachel

The community of parents and the community of children, the learning opportunities for both, the fun, the friendships 💕

- Liz