Going fishing at the local pond is a wonderful way to spend a day at Playcentre!

On Thursday 16 November 2023, Lower Waitaki Playcentre went to Eckhold’s Pond to go fishing.  This fishing trip first began years ago – Casey, a member of the Eckhold family and current Playcentre mum, remembers going fishing at the pond with her grandfather when she was about two years old. The family has revived the practice in more recent times, and this is now the tenth year that the Eckhold family have invited local community groups to come fishing.

Salmon are obtained from the salmon farms in Twizel and released into the pond. And then different community groups are invited to come fishing for the day. The residents of Whalan Lodge Rest Home in Kurow enjoy their outing to the pond, and hold an annual fishing competition with their own trophy! Oamaru Police together with the local rural police also enjoy a day fishing at the pond.

The Playcentre is invited out for a morning, giving families an opportunity to enjoy a no-cost outdoor experience together with their pre-schoolers. This fishing trip is especially for the Playcentre children, so the tamariki can share some special one-on-one time with their parents and other adults without boisterous older siblings around!

Each child had the opportunity to reel in a fish. Some children were not too keen on touching the fish, but there were many dads there who helped to thread the fish through their gills and onto a stick for the child to carry around. The children then held their fish next to each other’s and measured the sizes.

The children were curious about the whole process of catching the fish and one young child, who loves animals, gave the fish a little kiss and a pat as they lay on the ground. The gutting process was also interesting and carried out there and then by Casey’s dad, and session facilitator Hannah’s husband. Families then had the opportunity to take their fish home – yum!!