Volunteer of the Month

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Alison Moorcroft from

Whataupoko Playcentre

I (and our committee) would like to nominate our amazing treasurer/unofficial president Alison Moorcroft who goes above and beyond for Whataupoko Playcentre here in Gisborne.

Our Playcentre would potentially not be operating without Alison who is a walking Playcentre handbook, does a lot of the behind the scenes paperwork, helps all our members with their learning stories and Playcentre Introductory Award course content, guides us all in our Playcentre journey, manages the committee like a pro, never misses an opportunity to play with the tamariki (all the tamariki) and always has a smile on her face.

She is amazing, and we are so lucky and so grateful for her and her commitment to our Playcentre. 

Thank you Alison for all your hard mahi, with love – your whānau at Whataupoko Playcentre.