Volunteer of the Month

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October 2022

Grace Murphy from Russell Playcentre


We at Russell Playcentre would like to nominate Grace Murphy as Volunteer of the month. She is actually our volunteer superstar of the last 3 years!

Grace and her 2 boys practically live at Russell Playcentre. She leads the Executive board, oversees Staff, deals with all things playcentre, and is the walking brain of Russell Playcentre.

Her mahi in the centre goes way beyond any normal acceptable voluntary work.

She has a big heart for families, to have somewhere in the community to bring their children and form friendships. She puts great emphasis in maintaining and nurturing the building. Grace will often stay behind after each session ensuring the centre is clean enough for the next day of play.

If something needs fixing, building, cleaning, sorting, she’s on it. If there’s a curly situation, she’s the default person at the forefront for that. 

Even when never asked to do things, she just does it.

Grace, bless her heart, is the rock of our centre and without her, the place would have fallen down in the last year in very tough times. But she hung in there, found out what she had to, practically did every office role holder there was, has been the main communicator both in centre and to our wider community, to keep the place going.

Now we have seen consistent growth of members again, and she has paved the way for, and assisted 3 new staff into their new roles.

Grace has done ALL of this and more, for free, and never asks for anything in return. We are thankful for you Grace, and all you do. 

We at Russell Playcentre see you, acknowledge you, and thank you, for being the best volunteer you can be. 

Because of you, we still have this precious Taonga to call our 2nd home, at Russell Playcentre.

Tino pai Grace!  From all of us in the Bay of Islands!