Project Funding Assistance and Approval Application

This form must be completed PRIOR to beginning a building project (that affects the structure/layout of the Playcentre (either internally or externally) and includes playground development or purchasing fixed assets/equipment or appliances.

Application Date

Date you are filling in this form.

Name of Playcentre

Name of the Playcentre applying for non-funded project approval.

Address of Playcentre

Current Address of Playcentre. If the Playcentre is moving, please include the address details of the new premises in the project description.

Contact Details of Playcentre Member Responsible for the Project

Generally, this would be the Property Officer if there is one. Otherwise, this could be another Centre Member who has been nominated by the Playcentre Committee.

Contact Details of Person in Charge of Project/Project Manager (if different than above)

This person will have overall responsibility for the project. They should have experience with managing a project, getting quotes, interact and manage contractors and authorities, understanding Asbestos and other Health and Safety requirements, understand building/renovation process, ensure work is completed to required standards. An external person or Project Manager may be contracted or a family member with experience may be able to assist. A brief description of the Project Managers qualifications or experience will assist us to know the level of support that may be required.

Is this part of a 5-year Property and Equipment plan?

5-year property, equipment and maintenance plans are recommended to help your Centre and the Property Team plan what projects, equipment and maintenance needs to be carried out within that period. Previous property surveys and inspections can assist with informing which are the most urgent projects. If you would like to know more about 5-year plans, please email [email protected]

Confirm the 12.1.3 Asbestos and Lead Acknowledgement Form has been completed and signed

The 12.1.3 Asbestos and Lead Acknowledgement is available on the website alongside this Project Applications. This Acknowledgement Form must be read, signed, and returned along with this Project Application Form. Once the Asbestos Refurbishment Survey and/or lead testing report has been completed a copy of this must be sent to the Property Team and provided to all Contractors prior to work starting on a building. This includes any parent or other volunteer or member of the public undertaking any building work. This form should be completed for ALL applications as asbestos, or lead paint could be present in locations you are unaware of. Contact the Property Team if your centre is unsure whether this form is required for your project.

Project or Purchase Description

The type of project or equipment (structure/layout, internal/external, building/playground, fixed assets, equipment, or appliances) description, i.e. Kitchen upgrade, roof replacement, resolve drainage issues. Please include copies of all drawings, plans, and photos of the existing situation. This information, as well as
informing the Property Team, will be uploaded to the Property Database. Please make sure you include copies of any drawings, plans, photos, or other relevant information that may assist with describing the situation and solution.
It is important to note any issues that may affect licensing or non-compliance, this could affect whether the Centre is able to remain open or needs to close for the duration. These could be things like asbestos, lead based paint, health and safety hazards, accessibility for contractors, loss of services i.e. water, power.
You will also need to include a description of any other work that is being done as part of the project but for which funding isn’t required. This work does need to be approved also. If this is a large bulk of work that sits
alongside this project but is not part of the project, it is recommended that you apply for Project Approval. You will need to fill out Application for Project Approval. It is also important to provide a schedule of works or programme of when the work is going to be undertaken. Any work that is going to be delayed or longer than 4 months should be notified to the Property Team otherwise the project may have to re-seek approval. Please provide a list of other projects approved over the last five years with the amount that has been received from Playcentre Aotearoa or other Playcentre entity. Please note that unless there are extenuating circumstances the maximum assistance for a single centre is $50,000 (GST exclusive) in any 5-year period.

Financial Information

Is the expenditure included in your budget? Has the money for this project or purchase been included in this year’s financial budget? If it isn’t in theCentre’s annual budget, why is this? It is recommended that projects and purchases are included in the budget to help your Centre understand what projects and purchases are essential or planned for the coming year. This helps with finances and also with planning working bees and programming of works.

Is your centre GST registered?

If your centre is GST registered, provide the GST number in the text box.

Centre Financial Status

In entering your current bank balance please make sure you include all bank accounts and investments. Please note any term deposits that can’t be broken straight away. It may be that Playcentre Aotearoa needs to loan the money to the Centre until these funds are able to be access for the Centre to replay. Then you need to list what Centre Reserves and Grant Tagged Funds and what they are for and the amounts. Tagged funds are funds that have been given to the centre specifically for a particular project, i.e. from a grant or donation, if the grant is for this particular project, please note that. A Centre may have funds put aside for a particular project and can also note these but if a project application is for a health and safety issue then that will take precedence over these funds. Also list any projects that you have received funding from Playcentre Aotearoa for in the last 5 years. Understanding a Centre’s full financial position helps the funding committee decide which Centre’s have a greater need for assistance.

Financial Calculations

These calculations outline exactly what the project is going to cost, what your Centre is contributing and what you are asking Playcentre Aotearoa for assistance with. Your Playcentre contributions including cash, external funding, donated labour, and donated goods. Please make sure you include a detailed outline of what these are.

Grants for this project must either already be in your bank account or you must have received a letter saying that they have been approved. In certain circumstances, i.e. where the work is a H&S issue or urgent, Playcentre Aotearoa may accept this application without the grant being received or approved and the Centre paying the  unds back to Playcentre Aotearoa. Because generally you don’t get the full grant the Centre will need to agree to pay any costs that aren’t covered by the grant.

Please note that you must attempt to apply for grants unless the project is a H&S issue or urgent. The Grants Administrator can assist you in applying for grants. Their contact details are available on the website National Team | Playcentre. Your application may be declined if you haven’t applied for any grants or are unable to
explain why that might be.

Your Centre must provide a minimum of $500 or 20% contribution whichever is the greater. All Centre Contributions can be used to cover this amount, i.e. external funding, grants, donations. If you are unable to cover the minimum amount and this is a H&S issue, please contact the Property Team to discuss how we can support you.

Please note that the funding committee may require a larger contribution from the Centre, or for the Centre to pay for the project themselves. This could be due to the funds the Centre hold, the fact there are a large number of applications that month or the project has a lower priority than others. Playcentre Aotearoa review all of the data provided in the application along with other information they hold on file for both property and finances in order to ascertain where best to direct the limited funds we have. All projects over $20,000 must be discussed with the Property Team PRIOR to completing this application form. Any projects over $20,000 will require approval from the CEO, and over $50,000 from the Trustee Board. The Property Team are responsible for collating the information to be presented and making a
recommendation. Please do not send this information directly to the CEO or Board as it will be automatically declined.

Some projects will require a contingency sum to be included. Generally, this would equate to 10% of the total project cost. Please discuss this with the Property Team if you are unsure whether you need one or what amount might be acceptable.
Please use the radio boxes to show if the figures provided are GST inclusive / exclusive / no GST.

Comparative Quotes

All project applications must include a minimum of two quotes for each tradesperson or separate cost related to the project, i.e. project manager, electrician, legal costs. If you are unable to obtain two quotes, please contact the Property Team and outline why in the application. Each tradesperson or separate cost will need
to have a new box showing the two quotes and the preferred option. Please make sure all amounts entered are GST exclusive.

An Asbestos Refurbishment Survey and/or lead testing must be included in the costs if the Centre is older than 1 January 2000 for asbestos or 1980 for lead and they are undertaking works where this is applicable. Please speak to the Property Team if you are unsure. Also refer to the Asbestos and Lead AcknowledgementSheet which is available on the website alongside this Project Application.

Potential Conflict of Interest

Provide full details of any potential conflict of interest situation that could develop due to a personal or familyrelationship between any member of your Playcentre community and any contractor carrying out the work -e.g. does a member of your Playcentre community or a direct family member work for a company who will
be carrying out the work.

Playcentre Information

What is the licensing status of the Centre?

Is the Centre a full Playcentre, playgroup, SPACE Only, Regional/National Office Hub, or an Empty Building. Currently Playgroups are not funded unless as part of a project to relicense to meet Ministry of Educationrequirements to become a Playcentre.

How many sessions per week?

How many sessions does the Centre run, are there SPACE sessions as well, is the Centre leased out to other groups on different days?

What number of children is the Centre licensed for?

Projects can affect the number of children a centre is licensed for it can also affect things like Fire Evacuationand maximum building numbers.

How many children are enrolled and how many families are at the Centre?

How many children and families assists the funding committee to understand how busy and well used a
Centre is.


Has this been discussed fully with the Playcentre Member Group?

It is important before starting any projects that ALL Playcentre Members are consulted, and robust discussions are had around what projects and equipment are important/urgent and which can be undertakenat a later date.

Have the proposed works/purchase been agreed with Playcentre Committee?

Once everyone has agreed which projects/purchases are important then the Playcentre Committee must agree to undertake the particular project being applied for in this application. Please provide evidence, i.e. minutes of meeting, email, screenshot of Facebook group confirming all centre members agree to the project.

Is approval required from Ministry of Education, Landlord, Local Authority or Health Department?

Please make sure you enquire with appropriate services or the Property Team to understand what documentation and approvals may be required. These must be obtained prior to proceeding with the projectand copies of the documents included with this application.


Playcentre Representative Signature and Date

Centre Member who is completing this form or another Playcentre Committee Member from the Centre is to
sign and date this form.

Playcentre Aotearoa Property Team member Signature and Date

This application must be approved and signed by a Property Team member prior to commencing any work or
purchasing equipment.


Please fill out checklist to ensure you have included required documentation.