Playcentre Aotearoa’s Laundering Procedure

Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008. Regs 46(1)(b)
Licensing Criteria for Centre-Based Education and Care Services 2008 (as amended May 2016):
HS2: Linen used by children or adults is hygienically laundered
Documentation required: A procedure for the hygienic laundering (off-site or on-site) of linen used by the children or adults.

1.0 Laundering is required and includes:

  • Towels used on session
  • Cloths/sponges used on session
  • Dolls clothes dress up clothes, family play blankets etc. that are dirty
  • Linen and blankets used for cots and beds during session

Items should be removed after use and placed in a separate designated area ready for laundry. For efficiency and to minimise the environmental impact, items may be held for a few days to accumulate a load before being washed. When and if laundry is being accumulated over a few days to build up to a decent sized load, ensure the load is washed by the end of the week, this would be as appropriate to the size of the Centre.

2.0 Centres without washing machines require a Centre member to take home the load of dirty laundry. If this is the case, Playcentre laundry is to be done as a separate load to the household wash. Please follow Step 2.1 requirements, below, when this is done.
2.1 Wash Kitchen/food and Bathroom Laundry separately from Play/Bed/Cot linen laundry.
Note: If towels etc are used to wipe up spills on floors, its expected that this will not be washed
with laundry that touch the body, so consider washing this separately. There needs to be some
practical thinking when preparing your laundry. This will ensure cross contamination is
prevented and that cultural practices are met.
2.2 Use hot wash temperature(>60°C) and enough laundry detergent (follow directions of Manufacturer as per load requirement).
3.0 At Centre, if an indoor drying rack is used, adults need to ensure that it does not obstruct corridors, exit and entry points or impact on tamariki play areas.
3.1 Dry items in the sun whenever possible.


1. All dress ups and family play linens should be laundered at the end of each term at least or by item when needing immediate cleaning. Please consider practicality when doing the laundering of these items.
2. Loose covers for couches and covers for cushions are laundered as required.

Playcentre Aotearoa’s Health & Safety Policy
Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008