Playcentre Aotearoa’s Sick Child Isolation Procedure

Education (ECS) Regulations 2008. Regs 46(a)(b)

Licensing Criteria for Centre based Education and Care Services 2008 (amended May 2016) :

HS26: All practicable steps are taken to ensure that children do not come into contact with any person (adult or child) on the premises who is suffering from a disease or condition likely to be passed onto children and likely to have a detrimental effect on them.
– the action specified in 5.0 Infectious disease table is taken for any person (adult or child) suffering from particular infectious diseases; and
– children who become unwell while attending the service are kept at a safe distance from other children (to minimise the spread of infection) and returned to the care of a parent or other person authorised to collect the child without delay.

1.0 When a child is sick while at Playcentre and their parent/whānau member is not present
1.1 Use the designated mattress* with waterproof cover, bedding, towels, wet wipes and bucket kept specifically for unwell children. 
* Mattress must be stored outside of toilet areas.
1.2 Explain to the child that they are unwell and need to be moved away from the other tamariki until their
parent/whānau member arrives.
1.3 1.3 Move the child to the isolation area.
2.1 2.1 Contact parents/whānau member to come and take the child home.
2.2 Ensure the child is always kept in the care of an adult
2.3 Have a First Aider administer first aid as necessary.
2.4 Administer medicine as necessary ONLY IF the written authority of the parent/ whānau is held.
2.5 Seek medical help without delay if required.
3.1 Wear protective gloves.
3.2 Remove the bedding and towels for launder (> 60°C hot wash) as per Laundering Procedure.
3.3 Clean the mattress protector and bucket using detergent, warm water and paper towels or designated cleaning cloths.
3.4 Disinfect the mattress protector and bucket using the designated bleach or other approved solution and paper towels or designated disposable cleaning cloths.
3.5 Dispose protective gloves and other disposable items in the rubbish bin
3.6 If cleaning cloths used, bag and put with bedding for laundering, as per Laundering Procedure. Ensure they are stored and handled in a way that minimises the risk of contamination.
3.8 Return the mattress, with waterproof cover, wet wipes and bucket
3.9 Record details of illness in the Centre –
a) If the illness is a notifiable disease (see Ministry of Health list) complete the Serious Injury, Illness and Incident Form and follow instructions on that form, which includes contacting your Playcentre Regional office immediately and sending the form within 48 hours
b) If the illness is not notifiable, complete the Minor Injury, Illness and Incident Notice and file it at your Centre.

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