9.9.2 Fire and Evacuation Procedure

Includes Fire Drill Guidelines
Evacuations happen for a number of reasons, including in the event of fire. Fire Drills are to be conducted as per the Centre’s Fire Evacuation Scheme that has been approved by the New Zealand Fire Service. Items in italics are relevant for Fire Drills only.

Item Procedure

In the case of a Notified Fire Drill:
Ten minutes prior to a Notified Fire Drill – ring the Centre’s local Fire Emergency NZ Regional Communication Centre to inform them of the Fire Drill and sounding the alarm/ringing 111
The communications centres numbers are as follows:

Northern Communications – 09 486 7948
Central Communications – 04 801 0812
Southern Communications – 03 341 0266

2 Activate fire alarm/ notification system
a) Note time the alarm was activated.
b) Leave alarm on until all tamariki and adults have left building
3 If/when safe to do so, use on-site fire extinguishers to put out the fire.
4 Designated Fire Wardens put on their warden identification
5 Fire Wardens check all tamariki and adults have been evacuated via nearest safe exit.
a) Move quickly, do not run.
b) Check toilets, sleeping room, garages, playhouses, sheds and other storage areas.
c) Close doors as building evacuates.
6 Where necessary Fire Wardens will appoint a suitable person to assist anyone requiring assistance.
7 Evacuate to Centre’s Emergency Assembly Point at with:
a) The daily roll of all people present at Centre (including visitors).
b) A mobile phone
c) The Building Assistance Register
d) The Quick Getaway kit – including a copy of the Centre’s Emergency Plan and a basic First Aid kit.
8 a) Call 111 (and note that this is a trial evacuation – Notified Fire Drills Only)
b) Send an adult to meet the Fire Service at the main access street.
9 Ensure the roll is called and everyone is present.
10 Do not return to the building until the “all clear” is given.
– In a Fire Drilll, the person running the drill can give the all clear.
– In case of a real fire emergency, this would be given by emergency services.
a) Note the time the Fire Drill has taken.
b) Suggestion: Provide a simple summary for both tamariki and adults on what worked well and any improvements that could be made.
11 In case of a Fire Drill:
a) Immediately call Fire Emergency NZ Communication Centre and confirm that trial Fire Drill evacuation is complete.
b) Sign and date the daily roll/register confirming the completion of the Fire Drill.
c) For a Notified Fire Drill, complete the FENZ – trial evacuation report and send to Fire Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) within 10 working days or as per the Centre’s approved notification procedures.
d) Ensure Centre processes are followed and provide feedback to inform Centre self-review.
12 In case of a real fire or other emergency which causes damage to the building or grounds:
– Monitor tamariki and adults for signs of shock and ensure that any injuries are being treated
– Ensure that tamariki are kept away from any areas of danger
– The decision on whether the session will continue for the day will be made by the Person Responsible in consultation with the other adults present.
– Once the roll has been marked, parents/whanau who are present may take their tamariki home, as long as at least two adults remain on site until all tamariki have been collected
– Call the parents and/or emergency contacts of any tamariki who do not have their parent/caregiver present
– Call the emergency contacts of any adults who are injured or require assistance
13 Keep tamariki comfortable and distracted until they are able to be collected. Record on the daily roll who took each child home and the time they did so.
14 Contact the local Playcentre Regional Office to alert them to the fire and any injuries and/or damage.
15 The Regional Office will contact the local Ministry of Education


Consider Pre-Drill Education for tamariki and adults. See Pre-Drill Education Guidelines for more