Introduction to Playcentre Aotearoa’s Policies & Procedures


For the purposes of understanding, good organisational practices, and compliance Playcentre Aotearoa consolidates and assembles core statements of policy and procedures together for the benefit of all Playcentre communities and their people, be they based at Centres or Regional Offices or National Team workplaces.
These policies and procedures define Playcentre Aotearoa practices that apply in common to all Playcentre people as noted or excepted within.

National Framework

Playcentre Aotearoa’s over-arching framework of our Constitution, philosophy, and policies as well as governing legislation, education regulations and licensing criteria will be applied in all Playcentre environments for consistency and common understanding and to meet compliance requirements.
All locally developed Centre, Cluster or regional practices will refer to and align with Playcentre Aotearoa’s over-arching framework.
All nationally applied Playcentre policy is presented here together with related and complementary required procedures at Centre in order to fulfil licensing criteria and otherwise core Playcentre practices. Together they are organised in way that reflect Playcentre Aotearoa and what is important to us. They also address legal requirements and high-risk areas to our organisation.


Publishing & Version Control

Published online at Our official Playcentre Aotearoa website will hold the latest and most up to date published versions of the notable amalgamated policy and procedures online. It is from here that any manual updates to each Centre held Policy and Procedure Folder will be made. It is here that confidence can be gained on what is the most current version.
With time and greater access and use of online resources in our Centre environments, the intention is for the Policy and Procedure Folder to become redundant and for all our Playcentre people to access as required the relevant policy and procedures online.
Available as a printed folder. At time of amalgamation into Playcentre Aotearoa (2019), each Centre receives a printed Policy and Procedure Folder containing policy and procedures released as current at the time for the purposes of

  • signifying fulfilment requirements of the amalgamation from individual Associations into single Playcentre Aotearoa
  • replacing previous NZPF handbooks or releases of like policy and procedure
  • providing easy availability and accessibility at Centre for Centre members, whānau and employees where online access currently may have limitations

It is recommended that the folder be made available in the office area of Centres and workplaces or equivalent spaces for referencing and that it is not removed from the Centre.
Centre Administrators or delegates have the administrative responsibility for any intentions to keep the Policy and Procedure Folder up to date. Any changes will be notified by way of Playcentre Aotearoa official communication channels such as email or Playcentre Bulletin.


The consolidation of Policy and Procedures here is not exclusive, but are those that are regularly referred to in order to operate collectively as Playcentre Aotearoa. The responsibility for implementation is noted within. In broad terms we all have a responsibility to play in fulfilling the requirements outlined.
They are subject to variation from time to time by general notification and are not necessarily complete or exclusive. As noted above, it is expected that local practices exist at Centres and in other Playcentre environments.

However, it is not expected that those additional practices will contravene or contradict the Policy and Procedures contained here. Where any other policy, procedure or practice references issued within Playcentre Aotearoa raise inconsistencies or conflicts in guidance, the latest publications online of these policies will be considered the authority, subject to reference to the owners and approvers of the policy area in question.

Additions may be made in the future as good core common procedures are identified and shared or as policy is required across our organisation.


Any questions or clarification relating to these policy and procedures may be addressed locally at Centre to Centre President or equivalent, Centre Administrator, or raised regionally with Centre Support Worker or Regional Manager. Ultimately and more directly clarity can be sought from the National Team role noted as owner of the policy in question by way of email or conversation.

Feedback for Review and Evolving

Our policies and procedures have a one to three-year scheduled review cycle to ensure they meet both Playcentre and Ministry of Education requirements and that they are current and achievable. This review period is noted on each policy, and procedures will mirror this timing.

Interested and representational input on improving and evolving our policies and procedures is encouraged. All feedback can be provided through completing the Policy and Procedure Feedback Form found online at Submissions will be monitored and collated for consideration in review.