Playcentre Open Week 2021

15 – 19 March 2021

A celebration of storytelling

Storytelling is often one of the first things a baby hears, but storytelling has been around for as long as there have been people to tell stories.

Stories are loved by children, but also by adults. Stories tell others who we are.  But it is through stories we learn who others are.  Bring your child to Playcentre this week and share your story.

With over 420 Playcentres across New Zealand there is one in your neighbourhood.

“Playcentre parents are the kindest friendliest people you will ever meet. My children are now at school and it’s the Playcentre mum’s that say hello to each other and make you feel like you belong”.

“You get a family! And added bonus, you and the kids get to have a blast and the mess is not at your house”.

“I love that my brain was kept “active” and I learnt so much about this parenting thing. I’m a better parent from all the role models and resources at my fingertips”.

“New to the area I made great friendships in my 6 years at Playcentre and many skills to set me up for work when my kids are now set for school”.

What is Playcentre Open Week?

Are there events on?

Who can come?

What if I can't make it that week?

Why Playcentre?

“My children have a whole village of like-minded parents who know their every likes and dislikes as if they were their own children, and I have beautiful friends who are like sisters and taught me how to be a mum! I am forever grateful for my village.”

- Laura

Really great quality education for your little ones. And a supportive network for your whānau that is so much greater than you can anticipate at the beginning.

- Jesse