10.3 Hazardous Materials Management Plan Folders (HMMP)

During the first half of 2022 Playcentre Aotearoa created and deliver to each active Playcentre and Playgroup a folder containing an umbrella Hazardous Materials Management Plan, any known Centre Specific Hazardous Materials Management Plans that have been created, Centre specific Building Conditions Surveys, where they are available, Centre specific Asbestos and Lead Paint Refurbishment Surveys and any additional Centre specific asbesos, lead and mould testing and other reports.

These folders give you information about what Hazardous Materials have been identified at your Centre. You will need to add any additional information you have at your Centre to these folders and send a copy of that to the Regional Property Coordinator.

This folder MUST be kept near or beside the sign in tablet so that it is easily available for viewing. Anyone undertaking work on the Playcentre should be shown the folder including DIY’ers. This includes things like screwing noticeboards or shelving into walls.

Anytime you get testing or reports or hazardous materials identified you MUST put this new information into the folder and send a copy to the Regional Property Coordinator.

If you have any questions about the folders or their content please contact your Regional Property Coordinator to discuss.