New programme

B403 Positive Relationships and B404 Te Kakano – Te reo Māori me nga tikanga are now available. There was very positive feedback from the first of these workshop sets run in November and December.

Workshops are all advertised on BookWhen – the link is on the Playcentre website under Current Members > Education.

There have been 1600 people start the new programme. Over 160 Playcentre Introductory Awards have been achieved and over 20 Playcentre Educator Awards issued.

Here is some of the feedback received so far:

“I found the discussions and getting involved in some of the small activities great and when we went and looked at some invitations to play that had been used by the kids”.

“Facilitator was great. Found facilitators stories & experiences very beneficial. Interesting to hear what happens at other centres”.

“The facilitators did an excellent job especially given it was new material. They kept it light and enjoyable while still delivering the content meaningfully”.

“On the first evening, we moved around the centre in groups experiencing different play set-ups. This was really interesting and hands-on and gave a greater appreciation of why setting up play for children in certain ways is important”.

Transitioning from the old to the new programme

Students must have finished the Playcentre Introductory Award (PIA) before they start the Playcentre Educator Award (PEA) unless they are a transitioning completed C3 who will start in the last module, B404 of the PEA. Everyone moving into the new programme must complete a full enrolment pack to formally enter the new qualification programme – this includes transitioning C2s and C3s who will receive an enrolment pack from their workshop facilitator.

Holders of old Playcentre Certificates – Association, National and Federation Certificates who want a licensing qualification after 2020 need to complete the special programme by the end of 2019. If you hold one of these old Playcentre issued certificates and have not started this special programme urgently contact your regional Education Co-ordinator.