Funding for Playcentres

Top Tip for July

** Make the purpose of your application specific, but not too specific. If you ask for funding towards wages, consider calling it “Ongoing operational expenses” or “Facilitator wages – ongoing”. Don’t name the person you will be employing or the dates you want to pay them for as this ties the grant to that person and those dates and things do change. If you are applying for musical instruments, ask for “Musical resources”. Don’t ask for “six ukuleles and five drums”. By keeping the purpose broad, this allows changes to be made if needed.

Funders will usually consider an alternative supplier as long as you seek permission from the funder first. You may have found a cheaper option after your grant was submitted, especially if you didn’t get enough funding to use your original preferred supplier or someone may have donated some of the items you asked for so you want to add some other musical resources. However, they will not let you change the purpose. By keeping the purpose broad, this lets you be adaptable. **


National Grant Funding Opportunities

If you see or hear of a grant funding option that you think will be a good fit for a national or regional application, please do send it through to me on [email protected]. I try to keep up to date with the funding options out there via Exult, Generosity and Facebook, but there are hundreds and hundreds of grants and things are always changing.


Upcoming Funding Rounds
** Please note: Always check-in with individual funders BEFORE YOU APPLY. While every effort has been made to ensure information given is correct at the time of publication, funding availability and other details may change frequently. **


Southland District Council Community Partnership Fund – Southland

Applications close 30 September 2021

The nine community boards in the district are responsible for approving the grants. More information is available under the relevant community page.


Network Tasman Peter Malone Community Grants Scheme – Tasman

Applications open 24 July 2021

Applicants must be end users of Network Tasman Limited line facilities as recorded in the records of the Company. In the event of the applicant being an organisation, the purpose of the grant must be of significant benefit to the district serviced by the Company.

The maximum grant is generally $3,000 and you must have other funding available. Generally, grants will not be available for wages or operating costs however, consideration will be given to funding the cost of providing specialist services, training and professional development.

For more information please contact Marina Buonocore: [email protected] or 03 544 6179.


Foundation North – Auckland and Northland

Foundation North have recently changed their funding criteria for ECE applications. There is no longer a $10k limit, however your application must align to one of the focus areas that Foundation North want to contribute to. See their website for more information.

They have also recently expanded their Funding Unit to include a team of dynamic Engagement Advisors, each dedicated to geographical areas within their rohe.  To improve their accessibility and understanding, the Engagement Advisors – led by Helen Clarke, Engagement Team Lead – will intentionally connect to communities, spaces, and places and people.  For example, Albert Scott and Rebecca So’e are based ‘Southside’ in Grid MNK (Manukau), working alongside our South Auckland communities. Connie Lee and Jacqui Johnston will work alongside communities in the wider Auckland region, and Rosie Nathan is based in Te Tai Tokerau supporting communities across Northland. Annie Johnson will assist the team and our grantees and applicants.

The team will spend the majority of the time out and about in their respective communities – keep an eye on their Facebook and Instagram pages to see what they get up to – and reach out if you’d like the opportunity to meet up kanohi te kanohi.

What a great opportunity to build relationships and show case your centre! Invite them along to a session, maybe on a whānau day, have the tamariki sing some waiata and bake scones for their morning tea. I highly recommend all centres consider this with any local funder who supports them on an annual or regular basis, including your local community board.


** I am taking some annual leave in the July school holidays and will be away from Saturday 10 July. I will be returning to work on Tuesday 20 July but will also be away on Friday 23 July. Please make sure you get any requests for affiliation letters or advice for grants closing during this period into me before I head away. I am spending this week finalising the National Lottery application before I head away. **


Discounts for Playcentres

This section contains information about discounts or offers for Centres. It does not constitute endorsement and these offers are not for individual members.

Coming soon is a “Discounts for Playcentres” page on the members section of the website! If you have a business you would like us to approach and ask for a discount for Playcentre, please email me on [email protected]


The Canterbury Playcentre Shop

10% off everything in store (excludes PC branded items and clearance items)

When you order online for your Centre, make sure you select ‘pre-approved account’ so that the discount can be applied by the shop when processing the order. If you pay by credit card, there is no discount. Find them online at, call them on 03 377 4354 or visit them at 17 Buchan Street, Sydenham, Christchurch.

Centre members and members of the public are also welcome to buy from the shop either in person or online, however, the discount will not apply.


“The Playcentre shop has been supplying quality, educational resources for over 70 years. During this time, the Shop has been managed by generations of Playcentre parents with a focus on providing the tools to allow children to learn and build confidence as they play. Whether you are an Early Learning Centre, a school, parent or grandparent, the Playcentre Shop can help you build a safe and challenging play environment where children can explore, experiment and imagine. As The Shop has always supplied Playcentres, we cover all of the areas of play found at Early Learning Centres. From working carpentry tools and benches to science, collage or music, we have the range to meet your needs. The team in the shop are always happy to help.”


Playcentres nationwide can access our commercial rates through this channel. These rates are not offered in any retail stores.

With expert support available at the end of the phone, Alistair and Nathan will swiftly become an indispensable business resource. You can make an online payment for your items and we can then deliver direct to your Playcentre (for a small fee) or you can pickup from your local store (no cost).

Get in touch with Alistair or Nathan for pricing or consultation.

Technology and Computers

Laptops, Desktops, Monitors, Tablets, Mobile Phones, Cameras, Printers, Security, Networking

Alistair Bryce

P: +64 3 367 7587 | Ext 75887
M: +64 22 499 0079

E: [email protected]


Electrical Appliances & Home Living 

TV’s, Audio, Whiteware, Kitchen Appliances, Furniture, Bedding

Nathan Lee

P: +64 3 363 5910 | Ext 615009
M: +64 21 243 1008
E: [email protected]