Property Communications

For all general property enquiries please email [email protected], for specific regional property information please contact your Regional Property Coordinator,


Property Projects

Playcentre Aotearoa ask that all Centres talk to their Regional Property Coordinator at the very start of a project, when you are initially thinking about undertaking a project. This is for both Playcentre funding assisted projects and non Playcentre funded projects. Regional Property Coordinators will then provide advice and guidance with regards to your specific playcentre building and playground. This could prevent costly mistakes!


Property Policy and Procedure Documents (and Project Application Forms)

Updated Property Policy and Procedure Documents and Project Application Forms (for Playcentre Funding Assisted and Non Funded Projects) are available on the website, These documents are available in Word and PDF formats. Please make sure you also read the Documents “notes to help you complete the forms” in order to make sure you are supplying the correct information. Please do not alter these documents. Once completed these need to be sent to your Regional Property Coordinator.


Hire Documents

Updated hire documents (in pdf and word formats) are available on the website, Please download these forms each time you wish to hire out the Centre. All hire forms need to be sent to your Regional Property Coordinator prior to the hire date.


Property FAQ

FAQ are available on the website,, these are updated as new questions are asked. The following are two questions that have come up recently.



Q: We have mushrooms growing in our playground, what do we need to do to get rid of them?

A: The following information should help you understand Fungi and how to treat them:

  • Mushrooms, toadstools and puffballs are the fruiting bodies of fungi. They are grown by the fungi to produce spores
  • Usually found growing in soil, wood, mulch, lawns and decaying matter that is damp or wet
  • Some mushrooms are toxic if consumed, and breathing in airborne spores can lead to respiratory issues (spores cannot be airborne if wet)

There are really only 2 broad categories for killing / removing them, and these are

  1. Physically remove by hand (using gloves and a mask) and disposing of carefully in a bag, then rubbish bin
  2. Treating with something to stop them growing

What can we use to treat them? Note – Mushrooms etc. can be killed by something acidic i.e. having a pH of 1 or 1.2 e.g. acetic acid. Vinegar will NOT work!

  • Bleach solution – spray onto the mushroom itself, dilute 1 part bleach to 5 parts water. This will kill the visible mushrooms, but will not kill the spores.
  • Soap and water (dishwashing liquid soap 6ml to 1 litre of water) spray on mushrooms and also make holes in ground with a rod or screwdriver and fill hole with the soapy water solution. This will kill the spores.
  • After, you can add a nitrogen fertiliser, this quickens the decomposition of the matter, leaving nothing for the mushrooms to feed off  (450grams / 350sqm of lawn area)