Top Tip for May

** Wages can be difficult to source funding for, but many funders have relaxed their rules on this. You may not see wages listed as an option on the funder’s website, however they may fund operational costs. If you can prove that wages are an essential cost of operating your Centre, you may well be considered. **


National Grant Funding Opportunities

If you see or hear of a grant funding option that you think will be a good fit for a national or regional application, please do send it through to me on [email protected]. I try to keep up to date with the funding options out there via Exult, Generosity and Facebook, but there are hundreds and hundreds of grants and things are always changing.


Upcoming Funding Rounds
** Please note: Always check-in with individual funders BEFORE YOU APPLY. While every effort has been made to ensure information given is correct at the time of publication, funding availability and other details may change frequently. **

Alexander McMillan Trust – Otago

Closes 15 February, 15 May, 15 August, 15 November. Funds educational purposes in Otago. They prefer to assist with capital projects rather than recurring or admin expenditure. There is a stand down period of 3 years between grants.


Trust House – Lower North Island

Closes 24 May, 19 July, 20 September, 8 November. Funds distributed within the Masterton, Flaxmere, Rimutaka, Tawa and Porirua area. Fund community support including development and wellbeing of the young. Admin costs and salaries may be funded if they meet a recognised need within the community.


COGS – National

Opened on 21 April and closes 19 May. There are 9 Centres that are incorporated and can apply to COGS. I have sent an email to these Centres already as a reminder to apply.

I am in talks with DIA and the Trustee Board of PCA to clarify if other Centres can look to incorporate so that they can apply to COGS in the future. I will update you all with information as soon as I get it.


Lottery Community – National

Opens 16 June and closes 14 July. I will set up a link in the next couple of weeks for a questionnaire to be completed by those Centres who wish to apply to Lottery Community and this will form part of the application. The link will be under the Grants tab on the Members section of the Playcentre website.

Feedback from DIA is that Centres should apply to them for running costs, as this is what they like to fund and to make sure the outcomes align with the National Lottery outcomes (see below). We have been getting around $160,000 funding from DIA, which has us in the top 10 funded amounts. DIA have indicated we are unlikely to receive much more than this.

Some of the criteria for the 2021 application – Centres can apply for funding between $500-$2,000. If your Centre does not need the money this year, please consider not applying in order to leave funds available for those Centres who do.  Information you can start to gather in preparation for applying: outcomes and benefits the funding will provide, the number of children and families at your Centre and the ethnicity of the children at your Centre.


National Lottery Outcomes:

Lottery National Community Committee supports activities that promote participation and inclusion, and contribute to resilient and culturally diverse communities. It prioritises requests with outcomes that evidence an enhancement of community-wellbeing, community development and social service delivery through: 

    • preventative and proactive programmes, services and activities;
    • a reduction in the duplication of services through collaboration with other organisations, including the sharing of resources;
    • a meaningful Tikanga Māori bicultural approach, within a multicultural environment, based on mana/respect for all peoples;
    • community-led activities and innovative, strengths-based approaches which acknowledge and evidence the changing needs of their individual communities.

Lower priority is given if a request is:

    • from an organisation with significant reserves;
    • for a specific health, disability, education, sports or arts programme that doesn’t align with the Lottery Community committee priorities.


Digital Wings – National

The Digital Wings programme enables the distribution of electronic equipment (laptops, desktop computers and printers) from corporate donors to community organisations to enhance educational and employment opportunities. Charities, whānau / hapū and community organisations are invited to apply for refurbished computers to support their goals and outcomes, free of charge.

Preference is given to organisations working in rangatahi, youth development and education to employment initiatives. Please note that supply is dependent upon donation stock available and allocation to community is at the discretion of the Digital Wings Trustees. Please also note Digital Wings does not supply computers to individuals or private homes and we do not have ipads or tablets as the donations are from businesses.

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Centre discounts

Harvey Norman offer excellent discounts. Centres can make an online payment directly to them and then collect from their local Harvey Norman store or pay for delivery, which makes the whole process easy.


Technology and Computers – Laptops, Desktops, Monitors, Tablets, Mobile Phones, Cameras, Printers, Security, Networking

Alistair Bryce

P: +64 3 367 7587 | Ext 75887
M: +64 22 499 0079

E: [email protected]


Electrical Appliances & Home Living – TV’s, Audio, Whiteware, Kitchen Appliances, Furniture, Bedding

Nathan Lee

P: +64 3 363 5910 | Ext 615009
M: +64 21 243 1008
E: [email protected]