Property Communications

For all general property enquiries please email [email protected], for specific regional property information please contact your Regional Property Coordinator,


Hire Documents

Updated hire documents (in pdf and word formats) are available on the website, Please download these forms each time you wish to hire out the Centre. All hire forms need to be sent to your Regional Property Coordinator prior to the hire date.


Property FAQ

FAQ are available on the website,, these are updated as new questions are asked. The following are two questions that have come up recently.


Question: Our water supply is not connected to the town water supply, what do we need to know or do to make sure our water supply is safe?

Answer: Centres in rural or isolated areas that are not on a town water supply and use bores or water tanks must meet the Drinking Water Standards for New Zealand. The Standards now require routine monitoring of total coliforms; and enumeration testing for E.coli and total coliforms.

These centres must be on the Drinking Water Register for New Zealand they must have a Water Safety Plan.

Further information is available at

If your drinking water is contaminated or otherwise unusable please contact your Regional Property Coordinator and Regional Support Lead as soon as practical.


Question: When do we need to replace the sand in the sandpit?

Answer: Sand only needs to be replaced if it is so contaminated that you can’t dig out any bits, i.e. cat faeces or lumps of playdough, there has been a flood with sewage or contaminated water or if it has been wet and stagnant and is really smelly.

Playcentre sandpits generally get a lot of use and get well washed and dug over by the tamariki but it can be a good idea to turn it over at a working bee.

If sand does need to be replaced then it is recommended to use ‘grade 1 mortar sand’. Sand should be a minimum of 400mm deep but 600mm allows older children to dig deeper