As centres have completed AGM’s over the last couple of months there will be a lot of people in new officeholder roles. It is exciting taking on a new role, but also a little scary and you may be wondering what is expected of you during this year.

To assist officeholders in understanding their roles, we are running a series of meetings to provide information and provide an opportunity to ask questions. Each centre might have slightly different names or roles but please feel free to come along if your role is related to this topic area.

We are holding these meetings on Zoom – an online meeting platform. To access the meeting you click on the link provided. The dates for the various meetings are below, we will send out a new email with the links for each meeting shortly. We will be recording these for those who cannot attend on the day.

Training Schedule for Centre Office Holder Roles – November 2019


Office Holder Role 


Date & Time 

Presidents / Coordinators

Tuesday 19 Nov, 8-9pm 

Planning & Evaluation Officers 

Tuesday 19 Nov, 8-9pm

Health & Safety Officers 

Weds 20 Nov, 8-9pm 


Weds 20 Nov, 8-9pm 

Education Officers 

Tuesday 26 Nov, 8-9pm


Wednesday 27 Nov, 8-9pm 

Bicultural Officers 

Wednesday 27 Nov, 8-9pm 

Public Relations

Thursday 28 Nov, 8-9pm

Property Officers 

Already recorded. This will be supplied to you directly.