This year the theme of Playcentre Open Week 2021 is a “celebration of storytelling”. There were several reasons storytelling was chosen as a theme.  It is consistent with the broader theme of inclusiveness  that “Welcome to our Village” celebrates; come visit Playcentre and tell us your story.  Also it personalises Playcentre for people. We are not just a group of parents who take children to Playcentre, but also a group of individuals with our own stories.  Just as our children have their own stories.

We are living through historic times.  The world is dealing with a pandemic.  We all have our own story as we get thorough this time, just as we all have our own individual experience of lockdown.  On a more practical level, should a lockdown occur during Playcentre Open Week it is a theme that can still be promoted. Storytelling is something that can be done during a lockdown. 

Similar to previous years the campaign for Playcentre Open Week will include promotional material including invitations, flyers and posters with editable versions for your centre. More resources will be added to the link below as they become available. If you need something bespoke please email [email protected] and we can create it for you.

There will also be an extensive online advertising and social media campaign, starting this week, running until the end of Playcentre Open Week.

Storytelling is a versatile theme that can apply to both an individual and a group.  As part of Playcentre Open Week we will be encouraging Playcentre members to share their story, whether that story is their own, their families or their centres.

Playcentre Open Week 2021 – public page

Playcentre Open Week 2021 – resources