The Playcentre Shop (Canterbury)

If you have not popped into the Playcentre Shop Canterbury before or have never even heard about them, then you are missing out on a great place to find quality toys and resources for your home and Playcentre.

The Shop is another of the services provided by Playcentre Aotearoa and the staff are a wealth of information, advice and cheerful help that is just an email or phone call away. Whether you are having trouble sourcing a resource for your Playcentre or just want to extend play at home, check out the online shop or give them a ring.

All Playcentres have an account with the Shop and receive a 10% discount on their already great prices (excluding PC Branded items and those already discounted). The discount is applied when the order is processed so will not show up when you place your order. When ordering for your Playcentre, please use their email and details and give us your name in the comments section to ensure that the discount is applied. Please note, that orders paid by credit card will not receive the discount.

[email protected]

03 377 4354

Find the shop on Facebook and Instagram @theplaycentreshop