Two years ago we were incredibly lucky when we managed to negotiate a package that moved all our centres from Cashbooks edition to Standard plan Xero Subscription. Unfortunately, that contract has now ended and was put in place by Xero as an interim measure while they developed their new Starter Plan. We have been in many discussions over the last 6 months with Xero and have managed to agree a new contract that brings all our centres onto the Starter plan from 1 March 2021 with no additional cost to centres. Starter edition give centres all the functionality of the standard plan they are currently used to but there are some limits – notably 5 bills and 20 invoices per month, which we acknowledge may not be enough for some of our larger centres. However this is still a huge improvement from the Cash additions that the levy originally covered. Before implementing this change we did do an analysis of use and noted less than a third of our centres used these functions at all and only 7 centre regularly exceeded the limits in Starter plan, with such small usage the cost to bring all centre up to Standard Plan was prohibitive.

For centres who do process a large number of bills and invoices the option to upgrade will be available at a cost of $20 per month. For more information on the difference between Starter and Standard plans please click here