As announced in the March Bulletin we have now had it gazetted that Course 3 will remain as a Person Responsible qualification after the end of 2020.

The Ministry of Education has now approved the combination of qualifications we will be able to combine with Course 3 to meet supervision requirements for funding.

Here is a new infographic covering these combinations:

Does Course 3 recognition last forever?

We would encourage people with Course 3 to continue to work towards Level 4 as this has very valuable and useful learning in it and we expect that at some point in the future Course 3 will be phased out (as we can no longer offer courses in the old programme – C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6).

Whilst the recognition of Course  3 will be a great relief for some centres who have long standing Course 3 members or employees, who will be able to continue in their roles. We are still working with the Ministry on reviewing the overall licensing/qualifications situation – this is just an initial step to provide immediate assistance for some centres.

What happens to my Course 3 recognition if I have started the PEA?

If you have Course 3 you are still able to continue and get PEA and Level 4. For licensing purposes your Course 3 qualification will be recognised until you achieve Level 4.

We have created a new section in the website called Licensing under Centre Resources.

This section covers the following and the direct links are below;

  • Licensed Centres – this page covers what is required to be a licensed Playcentre, and run funded sessions;
  • Insufficient Licensing Process -including an infographic outlining the process and Insufficient Licensing-Discretionary funding form; and
  • People requirements – including what is required and the person responsible funding options for standard and quality sessions.